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System administration at KPS

Interview with Sencer Babacan, Jan de Boer and Markus Losco

"In IT support no day is like the other - there are new challenges every day!"

Jan de Boer, system admin

Sencer Babacan, Jan de Boer and Markus Losco report on their everyday work and the current challenges in IT support

What distinguishes your team?

"Our team is particularly characterized by our good cooperation. As everywhere at KPS, our hierarchy is flat. This allows everyone in our team to contribute new ideas or to familiarize themselves with new areas of interest."

How does your everyday working life usually look like?

"Of course, we support all our colleagues in their daily work with our infrastructure and expertise. But also routine tasks, such as system maintenance (e.g. media technology) are part of our daily work. In addition, there is a daily exchange between us by discussing current projects and support topics. In general, we daily work on new and exciting topics for use in the work of our KPS colleagues.."

What are the biggest challenges you have to face every day

"In the IT support no day is like the next and we never get bored! It is a challenge to be able to react to new situations and to keep calm in case of difficulties."

Did you have to struggle with new difficulties, especially during the lockdown?

"In the beginning we supported many colleagues in solving various problems. The problems were less to be found in our network infrastructure than in Microsoft and other companies, which first had to adapt their own infrastructure to the growing requirements. At KPS, every employee was able to work completely from the home office even before Corona. It was exciting for us whether our infrastructure would withstand the rush of a much larger number of employees than initially planned. Ultimately, however, we didn't see any bigger problems - so we feel that we will be prepared for such unusual situations in the future."

Sencer Babacan, Jan de Boer and Markus Losco (from left to right)

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