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"On the Nordic market, we are the preferred consulting partner for retailers  Our team has the necessary know-how and experience. We are also a leader in the digital sector."

Jørgen Klüwer, Managing Director Nordics

“We are the leading consulting partner for SAP cloud solutions on the Nordic market. This market segment is exploding.”

Claus Hornbæk Nielsen, Partner

"At KPS I have the support, flexibility and thrust I need to succeed in sales. Combining these values with highly skilled consultants and leading SAP offerings the sky is the limit!"

Martin Pedersen, Head of SAP Concur

"Our mission is to help our Swedish and Finnish clients grow or defend market share by transforming their business with improved digital processs, underpinned by technology. To deliver the results our clients rely upon, we blend innovation, relevant experience, implementation skills and the energy to drive change."

Julian Wild Associate, Business Development Director

"As a program manager, I am responsible for several of our initiatives. Our customers are among the market leaders in the Nordic countries and projects range from large transformation projects to building state-of-the-art platforms for doing business in a digital world. This is challenging but also very rewarding."

Monica Rudin Associate, Project Leadership Team

“As complex SAP projects are under increasing pressure for fast delivery, KPS is continuously developing and utilizing our unique Rapid Transformation® methodology. This provides an unparallel advantage in my daily delivery as a project manager.”

Caspar Horvard, Partner, Change Management

“At KPS we have the size and experience to take on the biggest and most complex transformation programmes. We can manage these better than anyone in the market space to the benefit of our clients. We deliver what has been promised.”

Kim Willum, Partner, Programme Management

"If you wan't new challenges, learning and having fun, come to KPS and you won't regret it."

Adrian Tello Lasheras, SAP Commerce Architect & Team Leader

"A great atmosphere, mutual trust, scope and potential for further development: I’ve found my dream job at KPS."

Yan Shen, Senior Quality Manager

"I work for KPS in Denmark. Our projects vary in size and scope, this keeps our job interesting and challenging. We have a great team here."

Ida Lønstrup, Senior Solution Architect

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