Whenever the experts of KPS are called in, it is about the realignment and implementation of innovative business processes and state-of-the-art technologies within a very short time. We maintain a global roster of over 1100 highly experienced consultants who know exactly how to complete your project in a fast, smart and reliable way. Get to know us!

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Konzerne auf den Spuren von Startups

Neue Studie jetzt herunterladen

Konzerne auf den Spuren von Startups

Neue Studie jetzt herunterladen


We are the leading consulting partner for companies that want to implement new, innovative strategies and processes with state-of-the-art applications faster and better. We deliver strategy, industry-specific process chains and the implementation of the necessary technologies - from a single source.

Since our foundation in 2000, we have been committed to delivering world-class results in the shortest possible time and serving end-to-end across a company's value chain: from traditional merchandise management to B2B and B2C commerce to marketing and sales.

Today, we are the European market leader in retail, valued as a consulting partner in many other sectors and an international company with 1100 consultants. Nevertheless, we remain personal and individual in our core.


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Artificial intelligence. Internet of things. Machine learning. Intelligent automation. Voice recognition. Biometrics. Blockchain. Business in the cloud. Where do they start? Which new technologies can support your digital transformation today - in concrete terms?

“The competition of the future will not be decided by the lowest costs, leanest structures or the latest technology. The competition of the future will be decided by the more innovative solution.“


Michael Tsifidaris, 1994




„Locality and unique customer loyalty are key elements of our day-to-day business. With the new SAP platform we create even more added value for our customers and can significantly enhance their shopping experience.“

Sigrun Löffelholz, Head of Marketing GLOBUS


“With our optimized webshop, we are able to give our customers a very special online shopping experience. Just like in our stores, our customers can view products up real close and make their purchases quickly and easily. CHRIST was very well prepared for a successful Black Week and the strongest quarter of the year!”

Michael Berghoff, Head of E-Commerce at CHRIST


What's the future like? How do you transform companies? How do you create real values for customers? Which proven and emerging technologies are companies using successfully? Our team deals with these and other questions. Take a look at current findings.


Challenging projects and customers. Flat hierarchies and strong teams. Fast growth and development opportunities. International and yet personal. Decision-making scope and self-responsibility. That's why KPS.

"My work at KPS is more than just a job – it’s something very close to my heart."

Sabrina Jung, Manager

"Expertise is our greatest asset. That’s why the focus is always on further training."

Till Austerschmidt