A stable platform provides the foundation

State-of-the-art IT platforms comprise a wide variety of highly complex layers and products. Establishing, operating, and evolving platforms of this kind is key to business success. These days, it’s no longer just the e-commerce front end that has to deliver almost 100% availability; tight integration of omnichannel processes means that back-end components, such as ERP and logistics systems, increasingly have to do so, too.

The key challenges in establishing and operating business critical application landscapes are ensuring complex technologies and processes remain manageable and meet all internal and external compliance requirements – without losing sight of costs.

End-to-end industrialization of IT operations is essential

While industrialization of classic infrastructures has achieved a remarkable level of maturity in some cases, the same cannot be said of application operations. Outdated software versions, less than ideal change processes, and unregulated assignment of tasks (including authorizations) often give rise to problems in day-to-day operations.

Systematically using existing standards and tools mitigates the risks significantly, enables automation, and improves planning of the costs for IT operations.

Standardization here comprises the following:

  • Standardizing platforms
  • Standardizing installations
  • Systematic change and release management
  • Using monitoring tools to identify problems at an early stage 

The future is in-memory

KPS is playing a key role in implementing and operating the largest SAP HANA landscape in the retail sector.

To meet the extraordinarily demanding availability requirements of the client, which operates in nearly 30 countries, a highly flexible IT landscape was established, and clearly defined processes put into place.

Today, ten minor and at least one major release are delivered annually. Other countries are constantly coming onto the platform, and true functional innovations based on SAP products are being implemented.

IT operations have been tightly coordinated with application lifecycle management and no longer have to handle routine tasks thanks to automation tools. In addition, this has increased the quality of service provision and cut costs.

KPS technology consultants provide our clients with hundreds of years of combined experience. They master not only installation and management of all technical applications in the SAP, SAP Hybris, Adobe, and Intershop spaces, but also development of the architecture strategy and its real-world implementation. As a result, our clients have everything under control – even those with more than 100 SAP systems in operation.