High-quality software on all platforms

Specialists plus the right model for customer-specific programming

The KPS development model is continually evolved and consistently aligned with project and client requirements. The ability to handle significantly shortened project phases running in parallel rather than in sequence is built on three cornerstones: pooled development expertise, the KPS Development Framework, and skilled specialists.

Our development model

Implementing customer enhancements is a regular feature of our transformation projects and also a KPS core competency. The relevant technologies range from classic ABAP OO to Java- based applications right through to cutting-edge front-end technologies such as HTML5, SAPUI5, SAP Fiori, and native apps for mobile user devices with new, intuitive UIs (for example, touchscreens) created for all front ends using the responsive design technology paradigm. The KPS team never loses sight of the links between new technologies such as SAPUI5 and the business back end, and industrialization of the processes involved.

Pooling development expertise

By bringing together developers with similar areas of expertise at our development hubs, we leverage synergies across different projects, provide direct access to knowledge and experience, and can effectively offset fluctuations in demand in individual projects to our clients’ benefit. In tandem with the invoiced tasks at the development hubs, the technical specialists at the think tank and innovation center work on asset creation, including developing new methodologies and innovative ideas in new technologies.

We currently have seven hubs in Germany, Scandinavia, and Croatia, which are organized either according to technical specialization or industry focus (for example, retail and logistics). An intelligent mix of on-site developers at the client’s premises supported by our development hubs is standard practice in all KPS transformation projects.

KPS Development Framework

Managing development projects across separate locations is no cakewalk, and mastering the necessary processes takes years of investments and optimizations. Collaboration is based on object-oriented development using the MVC model and the KPS Development BB model, which contains end-to-end processes from requirements definition to implementation right through to quality assurance. This approach is rounded out by highly specific tools for standardizing requirements implementation (KPS Development Framework) and for cross-project management of development initiatives, such as the development of our own standards (KPS Development Framework plus design paradigms) with recognized test procedures (unit testing).

The tried-and-trusted model is continually complemented by adaptive frameworks in the new technologies – SAPUI5/Fiori Apps/mobile application areas were added in recent months – the integration of new ideas, and updates in line with quality standards.

True specialists on the job

Our employees are the final, but perhaps most important, of the three cornerstones. We consistently avoid a one-sided focus on cost optimization to the detriment of implementation times or development quality. Only with true specialists in programming, software architecture, quality assurance, and management are we in a position to achieve the often ambitious goals in our projects. The high professional, formal, and social requirements that a concept like our development hubs entail can be put into practice only in a professional team.