In IT, change is the only constant

Whether through acquisitions and sales of companies or business units, restructuring initiatives, harmonization and consolidation of business processes and IT landscapes, or in response to megatrends such as digitization, connectivity, individualization – companies and their IT systems are in a process of continuous change.

In change processes of this kind, the focus is often on IT application landscapes that have developed over a period of years. These landscapes determine the duration, scope, and most importantly a significant portion of the costs of transformation projects. Our work for your IT landscape transformation focuses not only defining and evaluating potential target architectures. It also involves developing potential solutions for achieving target and interim architectures in the context of the specific task IT has to fulfil.

KPS supports your business and IT organization in developing and approving options for action, planning programs and projects, and selecting suitable tools. In particular, we analyze, evaluate, and plan your SAP systems, as well as your system and instance strategy, in practicable steps. Naturally, we also put specific landscape transformations into practice – working with proven SAP tools and partners.