Usability with SAP Fiori: Let Us Create the Perfect User Experience


More flexible, straightforward, and user friendly: SAP Fiori improves usability for SAP applications and software. Its purpose is to simplify use through a clear and straightforward layout; moving away from complex, busy interfaces and toward clear, uncluttered structures. All of which helps the user start using the applications easily, efficiently, and intuitively. How could this benefit you and your customers? And how can we, a long-standing SAP partner, be of assistance?

What is SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori (Italian for ‘flowers’) is an SAP toolkit that provides a standardized user interface for use in the development of both custom and standard applications. The JavaScript-based front end supports the flexible, customized design of functions according to requirements. In addition to functionality and mobility, SAP Fiori places a strong focus on design and ease of use—as well as process reliability. Fiori is an integral part of S/4HANA and SAP’s cloud strategy.

KPS and SAP Fiori: Our Service for You

You tell us your requirements; we develop the best solution for you, because we understand the specific requirements of the retail sector and have the extensive technical expertise to deliver exactly what you need. Our priority is user-friendly operation and the flexible personalization of all mobile and browser-based applications, ensuring easy access and intuitive use even for non-SAP specialists.

We pursue two development approaches; using either standard applications (from the SAP Library) or customer-specific applications with individual components, depending on requirements. This enables us to meet your technical and functional requirements—while also ensuring an optimum design. Naturally, our developers also understand design and design principles. The result is both a user-friendly and esthetically pleasing application.

Your benefits

Using SAP Fiori, we at KPS are able to ensure that our customers can access the data they need for their individual role from anywhere, giving them both a customized view and a much more intuitive experience. All SAP Fiori applications are developed and designed according to the following five basic principles:

  1. Role-based: Everyone sees only what they need. With SAP Fiori, we can design special screens for different user groups. The role and position of the user therefore influences the view and the applications—so everyone sees a clearly arranged interface.
  2. Adaptive: No matter where, no matter how. All applications look great whether on the desktop, the tablet, the smartphone, or any other mobile device. Users can therefore access their applications from anywhere and enjoy the same ease of use on any device.
  3. Coherent: Everything fits and flows together as one coherent whole, providing a seamless user experience. The user interface therefore has a simple, fluid design, which facilitates intuitive use and avoids confusion.
  4. Straightforward: Easy, easier, Fiori. The user-friendly design makes it easy for users to focus on their most important tasks, functions, and activities.
  5. Intuitive: Apps that are fun. With SAP Fiori, we can develop apps that can be used right away with no lengthy training.

Our SAP Fiori applications can help to:

  • Increase your productivity and data quality
  • Minimize your costs, both operational and training
  • Minimize demand for subsequent change requests
  • Increase usability and satisfaction
  • Improve your workflows, and simplify and accelerate approval processes

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