Certified as ISTQB Platinum Partner for high-quality software testing

Outstanding quality of KPS Digital, a subsidiary of KPS AG:

Munich, May 2nd 2016. Effective immediately, KPS Digital, a subsidiary of KPS AG, is a certified ISTQB Platinum Partner. All software verified by the Dortmund-based e‑commerce experts meets therefore the tough ISTQB standards, making KPS Digital an outstanding partner for software testing.

In an ideal world, enterprise software operates like clockwork – one cog interlocks seamlessly with the other. “Extensive, intelligent testing right from the start of a development project is the only way to keep errors and malfunctions to a minimum,” explains Dr. Thomas Krämerkämper, Vice President E-Commerce at KPS AG. “Particularly considering that errors in web-based programs can lead to financial loss or even reputation damage overnight, we always advise clients to give this issue the attention that it deserves.” Major challenge: IT and business departments either don’t have the financial resources or the qualified personnel to ensure software quality to the necessary extent and in a cost-optimized way. That’s when companies need the KPS Digital quality management team, recent recipient of ISTQB Platinum Partner status thanks to its outstanding track record and the certified testers it has on staff.

The globally recognized quality standards of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) ensure professional software testing services that provide companies with high-performance and stable software solutions. ISTQB certification guarantees that standards and procedures for software testing training are uniform in over 70 countries. The process, explains Stefan Weisse, Principal QA at KPS Digital, is quite demanding: “For successful certification, our staff must be highly qualified and pass a challenging ISTQB exam.”

The quality management team at KPS Digital is clearly positioned for further growth. “The best way to retain talent is to offer ongoing training opportunities and to continuously develop our own procedures and tools,” says Stefan Weisse. “.

Behind the scenes with KPS Digital quality management team

For the KPS Digital quality management team, the testing process operates independently from the project approach. It provides vital support for sequential as well as agile projects over the entire project lifecycle. As early as the selling phase, quality managers are already advising companies on the actions they need to take: the test objectives developed in the process are designed to measurably mitigate identifiable software risks and are aligned with the test design. The KPS Digital test analysts kick off the first phase of software quality assurance with reviews of the required specifications: this is the most cost efficient way to identify errors and rectify them before the actual implementation begins.

Based on the test design, test managers plan and coordinate the overall testing project with continuous integration and automated testing being a standard part of it. In their status reports, all project participants receive regular updates on the current status of the project as well as any delays that occur and countermeasures that have been taken.

Testing staff work with the client to prioritize the errors that are identified and collected during the entire project runtime and pass them on to the development team for analysis and correction. Upon successful completion of each testing phase, the test managers compile a test completion report with a summary of the test phase and a release recommendation.

KPS Digital customers’ advantage? Best-in-class software quality

Successful e-commerce demands new features on almost a daily basis, and to make sure these can be integrated smoothly and as fast as possible, KPS takes an iterative, incremental approach to software development in his agile projects: by publishing one or more distribution processes daily – always with qualified feedback on the quality of the version in question. And to ensure continued success into the future, KPS Digital relies on the in-depth expertise of its now ISTQB Platinum-certified quality management team.