Digital eco-systems for smart cooperation

Munich, 06. November 2017 - From interconnected smart home solutions, which send an SMS if smoke is detected, to e-mobility charging stations, innogy SE provides a wide range of services for life in the smart city.

KPS has worked closely with what is now innogy SE for over ten years. Klaus-Peter Lingnau, principal at KPS, firmly believes that “the trust placed in us is based on our ability to identify, develop and implement customer requirements.”

“Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to innogy SE. A key leverage point in the e-commerce sector is the optimization of the user experience,” pointed out Lingnau. Aspects such as internationalization, omni-channel, cross-selling and campaigns have to be successfully positioned and high market penetration achieved.
innogy offers its customers a high level of convenience through the deployment of a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform: With the “Smart-Store”, KPS – in collaboration with innogy SE – has created an e-commerce environment where the entire innogy smarthome product portfolio as well as eMobility products, such as charging stations and cables, can be made available online.

An enterprise solution developed by Intershop, which is technically compatible with the existing system landscape, is deployed here. “The Intershop standard formats can easily be set up at interface partners and the predefined formats of the interfaces can be incorporated into the existing landscape.”

Individual, previously independent product lines and e-commerce processes will be merged in future to create attractive solutions for a wider target group. In this respect, Lingnau highlights an “exciting” in-house development that KPS developed with innogy “from scratch”.

“In future, the online editors of partner companies will be able to determine sections on their websites for the display of product information from the e-commerce system.”

Highly qualified and certified employees in the UX team are supporting the implementation of the projects in accordance with the usability norms ISO 9241-11, 110 and 210. Lingnau believes the employees’ technical expertise is also a key element in the collaboration adding: “This goes hand in hand with the high quality of our services and flexible scalability of our teams who ensure the deadlines set by customers are met.”


Source: Trendreport,

Source: Trendreport,