Targeted customer campaigns boost revenue

Web-based planning system manages campaigns in grocery retailing

The protagonists in grocery retailing are embroiled in tough competition. Attractive campaigns help to tie existing customers more closely to a retailer and to attract new ones. Detailed planning that takes different benchmark figures into account is a must for a successful campaign. KPS created a customized end-to-end planning system for the SPAR group’s campaigns.

The challenge

SPAR is the world’s largest voluntary association of retailers to form a retail chain. Although they trade under the same name and have a common logo, they are legally independent companies. SPAR supermarkets offer a full range of groceries for everyday needs. To systematically plan the trading group’s promotions and campaigns, a modern solution was required that enables end-to-end planning and is available to all of the group’s companies. The group’s strategic guidelines, which define margin and revenue for example, were also to be incorporated into campaign planning, if required.

The solution

Based on SAP Business Warehouse Integrated Planning (BW-IP), the KPS team of experts developed an application that covers all of SPAR’s specific requirements. All the necessary functions are provided for each of the planning stages via a web front end that integrates Web Dynpro and Web Application Designer.

The KPS developers designed the underlying data storage layer across all processes in such a way that campaigns can be replanned at any point and at any time. These changes are then automatically taken into account by downstream processes. The planning system can also monitor and manage the current status of a campaign. Automatic proposals can be incorporated into the planning process at any time. The solution’s flexible design also allows detailed data to be gathered from statistical and historical sales and then utilized for specific campaigns. The system developed for SPAR then transfers the individual planning results automatically to the relevant retail system.

The customer benefit

The SPAR trading group can now benefit from a standardized, web-based planning solution for all aspects of its campaign management. A single application fully supports all end-to-end processes. SPAR now uses just one web-based interface and monitors all its processes centrally. The solution designed by KPS enables the group’s strategic aims to be comprehensively broken down into predefined criteria. The planning process can be resumed at any point, allowing the planning team to respond flexibly and address situations as and when they arise.

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