KPS and Annex Cloud provide perfect customer experience with comprehensive loyalty programs

The partnership with Annex Cloud has made customer experience perfect. With Annex Loyalty, we have complemented our existing offering while responding directly to our customers' requirements for comprehensive loyalty programs. Retailers achieve even stronger customer loyalty across all channels - and end customers get a holistic customer experience.

Thanks to Annex Loyalty, which offers a variety of touchpoints, consumers can collect loyalty or bonus points – or quick and easy rewards, for instance for referring new customers. Companies can therefore not only retain more customers and increase the chances of their making further purchases, but strengthen their customer interactions as well.

Annex Loyalty is the ideal solution to complement SAP C/4HANA and S/4HANA. The software can be implemented in existing infrastructures through standardized integration into many SAP systems. This also allows existing customer experience processes to be optimized systematically.

The company Annex Cloud aids retailers in creating unique customer experiences that promote both customer loyalty and recommendations to others. This holistic platform combines omnichannel loyalty programs with referral marketing and user-generated content in a single solution.