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    ¿Cómo de inteligente es el mantenimiento en su empresa?
    Es imprescindible un mantenimiento inteligente en fábrica. ¿Por qué los gerentes son reticentes a ello?
    El Mantenimiento Inteligente se ha convertido en un requisito tecnológico, porque la Fábrica Inteligente como visión de futuro también exige la visión del mantenimiento inteligente. El uso de nuevas tecnologías crea una producción inteligente y en red. Las innovaciones tecnológicas necesarias aseguran una existencia sostenible e innovadora para las empresas.
    De Héctor Fernández al 19-nov-2020 - ca. 2 min.
    Relevant data
    leads to relevant content
    Successful campaigns are usually defined as a holistic scenario. Could AI now be used to populate campaigns with relevant content? But how is AI even capable of this? What must it learn first? In fact, AI approaches an optimized solution step by step and through continuous training.
    De Dr. Lucas Calmbach al 27-ago-2020 - ca. 4 min.
    Fashion industry: The supply chain in times of pandemic
    How can we be prepared for surprises?
    In recent months, the textile industry in particular has had to cope with earthquake-like fluctuations in demand. During the Corona Lockdown, branches and clothing stores were or are closed from one day to the next. The entire seasonal business was tilted. Parts of the demand volume were shifted to the online channel, albeit with a different focus: The business suits were left behind and the comfortable home sweaters and jogging suits were the order of the day.
    De Tobias Götz al 16-jul-2020 - ca. 5 min.
    Leap into radical change
    What's at the heart of a transformation?
    I believe: Transformation is more than "normal" change. It is not linear, but more dynamic, deeper, broader, more radical, in leaps and bounds. It is transformation, not evolution. Transformation management is therefore not comparable with "classic" change management, which is more aimed at generic, more comprehensive, and more unspecific change.
    De Claus Bühs al 25-jun-2020 - ca. 3 min.
    Process Mining Part 2
    How does Process Mining achieve fast and efficient results?
    What can we do to increase the number of "perfect processes"? From the ordering process to delivery and receipt of payment, things can go wrong. With sufficient available data, we make predictions, correct deviations or at least plan for them. How could this look like for the complex area of logistics?
    De Christine Huschenbeth al 26-may-2020 - ca. 4 min.
    More dynamic logistics networks
    What logistics must offer in the future
    While the German retail industry celebrates warehouse based order picking via pick-by-voice and self-scanning checkouts as an innovation, in other parts of the world shopping via face and product recognition via camera data analysis is already being tested as a new standard - the operation of the last mile by drone or autonomously driving delivery vehicles are already reality. In order to remain flexible and capable of acting now and in the future, alternatives for delivery service and logistics must be considered and implemented.
    De Tobias Götz al 07-may-2020 - ca. 5 min.
    AI marketing
    Is content personalization too complicated?
    Marketing campaigns can quickly grow complex, requiring time and significant financial investment. In the worst case, they can result in dissatisfied customers who consider the lavishly produced newsletters nothing more than spam. How can it be ensured that customers receive only content that appeals to them personally and adds value? With the aid of AI, content can be disseminated more efficiently.
    De Lucas Calmbach al 16-abr-2020 - ca. 3 min.
    Generation Z
    What makes them different from the other generations?
    By 2026 the Generation Z will become the largest consumer population in USA, in Europe we will face nearly the same transformation. Retail and e-Commerce need to find a way to address this new consumer group, to make them spend their money in their preferred way. How do they differ from today’s customer base?
    De Philipp Krueger al 09-abr-2020 - ca. 4 min.

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