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    Managing new worlds
    Managing Transformations – Developing Organizations
    Everybody’s talking about transformation. Has it maybe even become a buzzword? The German business dictionary “Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon” defines the term as follows: “A fundamental change in a company’s relationship with individuals and its economic and social environment. In a business transformation, all the company’s relationships are redefined.” And wherever fundamental change is involved, the focus is on people, not just on technology.
    By Claus Bühs on Dec 2, 2019 - estimated 3 min.
    #diwodo19: Machine prints e-commerce
    The backdrop to #diwodo19
    The date: November 4, 2019. The time: 11:00 a.m. The location: the German Football Museum, at the heart of the venue for “Digitale Woche Dortmund” (#diwodo). This specialist IT festival, which is blossoming in different ways, is being staged here for the third year running. Everything is getting faster – including the Internet and, consequently, digital processes.
    By Kirstin Neuberg on Nov 11, 2019 - estimated 3 min.
    A new way of thinking about returns
    Customer Satisfaction from A to Z
    Retailers must simplify returns to ensure customer satisfaction. By doing so, they can leverage this unpopular process to promote customer loyalty. Amazon is showing the way here, and retailers must follow its lead with ideas of their own.
    By Christine Huschenbeth on Nov 5, 2019 - estimated 2 min.