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    Leap into radical change
    What's at the heart of a transformation?
    I believe: Transformation is more than "normal" change. It is not linear, but more dynamic, deeper, broader, more radical, in leaps and bounds. It is transformation, not evolution. Transformation management is therefore not comparable with "classic" change management, which is more aimed at generic, more comprehensive, and more unspecific change.
    By Claus Bühs on Jun 25, 2020 - estimated 3 min.
    Time to turn everything on its head? A different kind of "experience"
    A different kind of "experience"
    This is how it should be: the strategy serves as the catalyst for projects and transformations. The vision of top management is typically to take the company to the next level, a new stage of development. It is corporate responsibility that drives the project: digitalization, efficiency improvement, automation, internationalization are the typical strategic goals. Often, the existing solution landscape does not support the scope of the objectives, which gives rise to an optimization project. But beware: optimization is one thing – transformation something else entirely.
    By Claus Bühs on Mar 12, 2020 - estimated 2 min.
    The way out of the comfort zone
    Personal change and corporate transformation
    Transformation initiatives often lead to radical changes that typically affect the whole company. Transformation is about much more than the implementation of new processes or even “just” IT solutions.
    By Claus Bühs on Jan 23, 2020 - estimated 2 min.
    Managing new worlds
    Managing Transformations – Developing Organizations
    Everybody’s talking about transformation. Has it maybe even become a buzzword? The German business dictionary “Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon” defines the term as follows: “A fundamental change in a company’s relationship with individuals and its economic and social environment. In a business transformation, all the company’s relationships are redefined.” And wherever fundamental change is involved, the focus is on people, not just on technology.
    By Claus Bühs on Dec 2, 2019 - estimated 3 min.

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