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    #ClickAndCollect or #ClickAndMeet?
    Enabling customers to book shopping appointments via app has been desired by retailers for a long time.
    In many federal states in Germany it is currently a necessary feature: ClickAndMeet is shopping with appointment booking. Many customers have come to appreciate ClickAndCollect as an offer for shopping that is as contact-free as possible, and now there is a great opportunity to reopen more shops with the ClickAndMeet variant.
    By Felix Jungermann on Mar 10, 2021 - estimated 3 min.
    Click & Collect helps retailers in the Corona pandemic - and beyond
    "Stay at home! Stay safe!" Staying home is the most effective way to avoid infection and protect ourselves as well as our contacts. Staying home, however, for me not only means not going to restaurants, movie theaters, parties and the like, it also means reducing shopping locally at the store and limiting myself to absolutely necessary purchases. The safest and most convenient thing for me would be to be able to do my shopping on site, but not have to enter the store at all!
    By Felix Jungermann on Feb 17, 2021 - estimated 3 min.
    Generation Z
    What makes them different from the other generations?
    By 2026 the Generation Z will become the largest consumer population in USA, in Europe we will face nearly the same transformation. Retail and e-Commerce need to find a way to address this new consumer group, to make them spend their money in their preferred way. How do they differ from today’s customer base?
    By Philipp Krueger on Apr 9, 2020 - estimated 4 min.
    Shopping may be more online - or offline?
    High expectations for on-site service
    How do you decide whether to buy online or offline? You want to shop in local retail stores to support business in the city center while enjoying the city buzz – because you love the variety and the hustle and bustle and wouldn’t miss it for the world... But in the evening, smartphone in hand, you end up ordering the product online – right?
    By Christine Huschenbeth on Dec 17, 2019 - estimated 3 min.

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