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    The Chatbot Experiment
    Interview with Ingo Waclawczyk, Meetup speaker and UX expert
    The 20th UX Meetup Metropole Ruhr was held at our Design Center and presented the perfect occasion to discuss a special topic and special experiment: “Empathy and compassion for a better UX? Let’s ask the chatbot.” This was the title of the most recent Meetup, which takes place at alternating locations throughout the Ruhr area every two months.
    By Ingo Waclawczyk on Feb 25, 2020 - estimated 5 min.
    UX vs UI vs CX: What’s the difference?
    And why is each so important?
    When it comes to commerce, especially digital commerce, we hear a lot of terms used to describe experience and how it relates to users or customers. These are often used interchangeably and can mean different things to different people.
    By Branwell Moffat on Feb 6, 2020 - estimated 5 min.
    Five questions for Michael Jendryschik
    The UX Meetup Metropole Ruhr was hosted in the design center on January 9, 2020. The discussions between UX professionals and enthusiasts and the speaker, Ingo Waclawczyk, revolved around the following questions: How does communication work in the digital age? How do we make digital technology more “people-friendly”? At the UX Meetup, attendees were able to take part in an experiment with three different chatbots. The UX Meetup is the only one of its kind in the Ruhr area so far – here we talk to the organizer Michael Jendryschik about how he came upon UX and the Meetup for the regional group.
    By Michael Jendryschik on Jan 16, 2020 - estimated 5 min.
    A new way of thinking about returns
    Customer Satisfaction from A to Z
    Retailers must simplify returns to ensure customer satisfaction. By doing so, they can leverage this unpopular process to promote customer loyalty. Amazon is showing the way here, and retailers must follow its lead with ideas of their own.
    By Christine Huschenbeth on Nov 5, 2019 - estimated 2 min.

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