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Click & Collect helps retailers in the Corona pandemic - and beyond

"Stay at home! Stay safe!" Staying home is the most effective way to avoid infection and protect ourselves as well as our contacts. Staying home, however, for me not only means not going to restaurants, movie theaters, parties and the like, it also means reducing shopping locally at the store and limiting myself to absolutely necessary purchases. The safest and most convenient thing for me would be to be able to do my shopping on site, but not have to enter the store at all!

All sectors - even grocery stores - are affected: Fewer customers are being let in, I spend less time in the store, and my shopping experience becomes much less of a positive experience on an emotional level. I also noticed that spontaneous purchases of products that I didn't include on my list have decreased dramatically. You only buy the essentials during a time of crisis. So at the end of the day, almost all local retailers are struggling with a financial loss.

What to do? And how quickly?

A solution that can be implemented in the shortest timeframe is needed and the investment also has to pay off in the future. What I build today must still function well and provide benefits tomorrow. But it also requires a solution that not only makes shopping safer or more convenient for the customer, but also restores a tangible shopping experience. We should ENJOY going shopping again.

A short time-to-market is crucial. One of my customers was also faced with this specific challenge shortly before Christmas. The grocery chain Globus Warenhaus wanted to create the possibility for its customers to shop via Click & Collect - virtually overnight. And we did it! - in just two weeks. It's a great experience that I'd like to share, because it proves: With the right expertise and the right solution, this very convenient way to shop can become possible.

What problems did Globus have on the customer side? Perhaps some of this sounds familiar:

  • Customers did not want to spend too much time in the store in order to have as little contact with people as possible and to maintain a feeling of security.
  • The same feeling was experienced by customers waiting in line at the checkout, in some cases resulting in restlessness and impatience.

The solution is called Click & Collect. 

With Click & Collect, customers order online but at their local store. They can conveniently decide when to order and do it all at their leisure. And while you're putting products into a shopping cart, you'll notice something else you could use. Relaxed shopping has a positive influence on the shopping experience and is much more likely to invite spontaneous purchases.  

Then conveniently select a time slot for picking up your order - so you avoid the crowds at busy times, such as after work or on weekends. What's more, pickup is quick and easy because all you have to do is pay for your prepared and settled purchase. An even higher feeling of safety can be created when contactless pickup is made possible.

Our customer Globus had only two requirements:

  • Create us a Click & Collect solution by the end of the month!
  • Create a solution that is future-proof!  

I may say, we managed a bit more: the Click & Collect solution by the end of the month - in just two weeks - and it can be extended to an even larger number of national, but also international stores to use it in the future and! - it even allows Click & Ship!

Already complete now, but also expandable for the future?

On the one hand, retailers need an almost complete feature set for Click & Collect, and on the other hand, the set must also be flexible and scalable in order to be able to open up new markets in the near future and make additional commerce-relevant features possible.

Very fast delivery, scalable and it pays off. Ask an experienced team!  

For more details on the future-proof flexibility and out-of-the-box functionalities of Click&Collect, click here.

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