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The way out of the comfort zone

Personal change and corporate transformation

Transformation initiatives often lead to radical changes that typically affect the whole company. Transformation is about much more than the implementation of new processes or even “just” IT solutions.

We take proactive measures – and this includes proactive transformation management – to take specialist departments forward into the driving seat from “zero hour” onward. This happens in very different ways across a very broad spectrum:

  • Strategic guidelines that are both fundamental and groundbreaking for all future processes are defined jointly in order to integrate strategic corporate goals fully into the transformation process
  • Future forms of collaboration in the company are defined jointly 
    For example: central master data management or the concentration of all functions relating to market intelligence in one area
  • Symbiotic relationships between specialist departments and new structural organizations in project mode

Creating a new simplicity

Within the framework of the CAMPUS® approach, we have managed entire corporate divisions in project mode. Teams are supported in “re-inventing” themselves and their companies in new future-oriented setups.

Sometimes very simple things can make the difference between success and failure in projects, for example:

  • A project team made up of the best people – and not just whoever happens to be available at the time
  • Geographic concentration in the new setup
  • Recurring communication formats that focus on process and system integration
Even though we generally like to talk about standardization, the facilitation of change calls for an individual approach.

When establishing a change framework or even a transformation plan, the following factors need to be considered: business model, corporate culture, and background experience of the managers.

Change takes us out of our comfort zone of routine and, although we humans love our comfort zone, this ability to change is the basis for the success or failure of joint initiatives.

In upcoming issues, we will give you some insights into the everyday environment of such transformations.


The CAMPUS® approach in project mode enables you to find mistakes and learn from them

Statements on the survey: Dealing with mistakes in the company

Top two results: fully agree / somewhat agree | four-level scale

When mistakes happen, everyone helps

to minimize the impact

People usually admit to mistakes

that they have caused themselves

Mistakes are analyzed jointly

so that we can learn from them

There is a culture of open discussion

when it comes to mistakes

Source: Marketagent; Leitbetriebe Austria, October 2019, Mitarbeiter Magnetismus, Page 17


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