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Webinar - Supply Chain Excellence

On demand

SAP-Emarsys | Discover true 1:1 omnichannel marketing personalisation

Boost your marketing potential with the right technology!
Emarsys is the tool that provides completely new opportunities to personalise the dialogue with your customers across all channels.

The Emarsys platform gives you a simple overview and understanding of the customer. This insight can be used to drive marketing automation and ultimately deliver the right personal communication, through the right channel, to the right customer, and at the right time.

Webinar - Supply Chain Excellence

On demand

Supply Chain Excellence in CPG and Retail

How do frictions within processes and supply chains lead to a lack of agility and poor supplier relationships, in this world between production and consumption? And how do we drive forward a process improvement - the Supply Chain Excellence? Our webinar tells how to: Driving down costs, Improve margins, To ensure a better overall customer experience.

Our supply chain gurus Tobias Götz and Peter Budweiser will show you how your company can proactively navigate and take a data-driven approach to customer demand in these turbulent times - and how your people, processes, and technologies work together to achieve the best results together.

Webinar - Headless CMS at The Body Shop

On demand

Webinar - Headless CMS at The Body Shop

In this webinar, Adam Plummer, Digital Product Director of The Body Shop,  provides insighst into the company’s journey and groundbreaking decision to realize and launch one of the first “Headless Commerce” solutions in the market. The webinar reveals reasons for the changes and the digital journey and the challenges to overcome to support the management’s demand for an omnichannel strategy.

Togehter with KPS, The Body Shop implemented the SAP digital enterprise core with the SAP CX processes of customer engagement.

Webinar - Personalized Marketing

On demand

Personalized Marketing Automation - Key Learnings from KPS

The key to successfully approaching customers in order to increase sales today is personalisation. With the experience of customer references that have become success stories throughout Europe, our experts Dr. Lucas Calmbach and Stefan Borchert will demonstrate the following: How to set up personalised marketing automation with SAP Marketing Cloud and how to achieve a significant increase in conversion rates and sales.

In the webinar you will see key insights from our customers as well as some tips and tricks that can make your digital marketing more effective:

Webinar - How we helped Brakes

On demand

The great success story: How we have supported Brakes in his mission to feed the nation

The COVID 19 pandemic has hit the retail sector hard, but it also opens up opportunities exactly where brands need to change and question their business model. Brakes was able to step in with the sudden closure of pubs and restaurants alongside his wholesale colleague Bidfood to help the government provide food and other essential goods to clinically vulnerable populations. 

The KPS and Brakes teams worked around the clock to plan, build, test and deploy Brakes' D2C channel implementation on the SAP Commerce Cloud platform.

Webinar - Deploying CoreMedia in Azure - Fair winds or thunderstorm and lightning?

On demand

Fair winds or thunderstorm and lightning?

Deploying CoreMedia in Azure

Many international retail companies rely on SAP and Microsoft as strategic partners. It is therefore an obvious choice to consider deploying the CoreMedia Content Cloud in Microsoft Azure - just as we do with the latest SAP commerce infrastructure. A digital conversation with Thorsten Leistenschneider and Christian Hasewinkel.
Den nye loyalty løsningen - SAP Annex Cloud

On demand

Den nye loyalty løsningen - SAP Annex Cloud

KPS and SAP introduce the new SAP customer loyalty solution, SAP Annex Cloud. Annex Cloud is an integrated Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, and User Generated Content solution.

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