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Industryforum Retail 2020

The future of Retail: Where are we heading?

IndustryForum Retail is happening virtually this year. Featuring highlights on digital developments and transformations in the retail industry. Dive deep into consumer journeys, and get new insights on improving customer engagement through the latest smart technologies. Take advantage of our unique one-to-one virtual networking platform to connect with top CMOs, C-suites, and key marketing decision makers of leading businesses in The Netherlands. Experience an inspiring day of leading-edge marketing solutions and ideas!

With three experts and as Silver Sponsor, KPS will be represented at the first virtual Industry Retail Forum 2020. In virtual one-to-ones we will be talking to top CMOs, C-suites and key marketing decision makers from leading companies in the Netherlands.

Through this virtual event re-build your connections and stay engaged with the business community. Maintain your competitive edge with insightful keynotes, panel discussions, and tailored content, and continue growing your network and discover new business opportunities in virtual 1-2-1 matchmade meetings with our experts.




Stefan Metzger

Managing Partner
KPS | LinkedIn

I would like to share with you my 20 years of experience as a business leader and consultant to design your digital growth platform and provide your customers with a sustainable and exceptional customer experience.



Jan-Willem Hekkert

Trade Market Expert
KPS | LinkedIn

I'll be delighted to share my broad experience as retail trade market expert to help you realising your vision and strategy in order to serve your customers.



Stephan Peeters

KPS | LinkedIn

I am leading large scale business transformations from start until project closure. I am seasoned in bringing value to organizations with a long term track record. KPS is supporting me delivering these programs.

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