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Digital Roadmaps for stormy markets

Challenges, solutions and new ways

01. July 2020 I 10:30 a.m.


Retail is in the storm - every company is a little different. For all of us, market changes are faster, more fundamental and more unpredictable than ever before. The "Corona Echo" is becoming an amplifier and accelerator of market-changing trends such as digitalization, sustainability & Co.

The roadmaps in many companies, on the other hand, are rigid - they are now often only significantly shortened, but still frozen in fixed projects, budgets and resource plans. This applies to changes in retail formats and services or touch points to customers as well as to organizational-process-related and IT roadmaps.

And the Customer Insights are also a snapshot. They will not fully reflect customer needs, which are rapidly and constantly changing. But what if you rely on supposed customer behaviour? Is the customer journey of today the real journey of tomorrow?

Together we want to create roadmaps that will help us to cope with this situation better. We are going to discover what needs to be done to adapt these roadmaps in an agile way - without losing direction or putting major investments in the sand.


  • Defining challenges together that arise from rigid roadmaps and conventional planning in a storm
  • You get to know approaches of other participants
  • Learning together from guiding ideas and solution approaches from other industries
  • You get impulses for your own field of activity

Our topic specifically: Digital or digitally supported customer interaction. But the questions can also be understood more broadly if the need is there!

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Thomas Sindemann

Founder & Managing Partner Infront Consulting & Management | KPS | LinkedIn

Thomas Sindemann is a pragmatic strategist. Many years of experience in sales and marketing at a leading consumer goods manufacturer and as a top management consultant in an international consulting firm form the foundation on which Thomas Sindemann acts for our clients today. His special expertise lies in the market-oriented realignment of technology, trade and service companies in the digital transformation.

Thomas Sindemann founded Infront Consulting, Germany's Hidden Champion for Digital Strategy and Innovation, in 2004. He is also a member of the KPS Board of Directors and responsible for the Group's strategy consulting business throughout Europe. 

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