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Personalized Marketing Automation - Key learnings from KPS

15. October 2020 | 10:00 a.m.

Today personalization is the key for successful targeting the customers to increase sales. With experience from client references that have been success stories across Europe, our Experts Lucas Calmbach and Stefan Borchert will highlight:

How to setup personalized marketing automation with SAP Marketing Cloud and how to achieve a significant increase of conversion rates and sales.

Therefore, we will highlight some key findings from our clients as well as some tips and tricks that can make your digital marketing more effective.

Your key takeaways:

  • Insights to Marketing Use Cases
  • Tips & Tricks for Personalized Marketing Automation
  • Look and Feel of SAP Marketing Cloud
  • You will get insights relevant for your own field of activity



Dr. Lucas Calmbach

Partner | KPS  | LinkedIn

After his doctorate in big data analytics and software engineering, Lucas started working as a consultant and is now Partner at KPS. He is responsible for the Marketing Suite within KPS and with his team he not only focuses on a working platform, he also guides clients in setting up marketing processes and how to get the best out of a marketing suite.

Stefan Borchert

Senior Manager | KPS  | LinkedIn

As a senior manager at KPS Stefan delivers implementation projects of marketing suites for various clients. An education in data science as well as marketing management allows him to bridge the gap between IT and marketing operations. In his projects he helps clients with change management and requirements engineering processes to facilitate the adoption of the new platforms.


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