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Supply Chain Excellence - Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail

From Creation to Consumption

22nd Oct. | 11 a.m. CET


Markets are changing - faster, more fundamental and unpredictable, so customers are increasing their demands on products and processes. In manufacturing, batch sizes are shrinking, companies are networking.

These changes pose great challenges for the supply chain because it must be able to react flexibly and efficiently - in time and at low cost.

How do frictions within processes and supply chains lead to a lack of agility and poor supplier relationships, in this world between production and consumption? And how do we drive forward a process improvement - the Supply Chain Excellence?

What we want:

  • Driving down costs
  • Improve margins
  • And: To ensure a better overall customer experience!

Our supply chain gurus Tobias Götz and Peter Budweiser will show you how your company can proactively navigate and take a data-driven approach to customer demand in these turbulent times - and how your people, processes, and technologies work together to achieve the best results together.

To answer all your questions and improve the navigation of your supply chain, KPS and Celonis have teamed up again.

Join us on 22nd October to learn more!


The webinar will be presented by Celonis and KPS.

Speaker KPS:

Tobias Götz

Managing Partner | Supply Chain Spezialist | KPS  | LinkedIn

Tobias has been a partner at KPS since June 2015.  He held several positions at SAP and was responsible for field enablement and business development.


Speaker Celonis:

Peter Budweiser

Product Lead for Supply Chain | Celonis | LinkedIn

As the Celonis' Product Lead for Supply Chain solutions, Peter Budweiser is responsible for developing applications to help customers solve their problems in the area of Supply Chain with the power of Process Mining. Prior to this, he worked successfully with a large number of international clients from a wide range of industries and sizes in his role as Data Scientist and Solution Engineer.


The cooperation between KPS and Celonis started already in 2019 on a project-related basis. The official partnership was concluded in April 2020. The certified consultants of KPS now support ongoing customer projects together with Celonis.

Measurement of the Supply Chain - Tobias Götz

Emerge from the crisis as a winner - how can we do this and what can we achieve together?

See also part 2 of our expert interview!

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