Woman gets groceries delivered to her home


How we helped Brakes in their mission to help feed the nation as the Covid pandemic left supermarket shelves empty

Suppliers in action

Initial situation

Pivoting to meet demand

It wasn't only those being ask to shield who needed help. Shoppers struggled to get hold of basic items such as flour or toilet rolls, and queues in supermarkets were huge – and daunting. Traditional supermarkets were struggling with demand for online orders, with websites crashing, or, in some cases, being taken offline altogether.

Brakes started by supporting supermarket's efforts to get food into stores, and then had another idea... What if they could launch a B2C site to supply goods to consumers directly?

The support we received from KPS was nothing short of exceptional, with fast turnaround, and best practice at every stage of the implementation.
Alex Protasiuk Lead Digital Relationship Manager at Brakes


Care packages delivered each week across GB


Households Brakes could reach with the new B2C offering

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