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KPS: leading in business transformation consulting

KPS Rapid Transformation is synonymous with expertise, experience, and high speed when it comes to implementing transformation initiatives. Cost and complexity often mean that companies are reluctant to invest in processes and technologies. KPS makes complex transformation projects manageable, controllable, and rapidly implementable – through a winning combination of proven methodologies and experienced experts. KPS clients benefit faster from innovative new processes and technologies. 

From enterprise resource management to digital customer management

In recent years, there has been a move away from thinking based on enterprise resource management (ERP) and toward a customer-oriented mindset. But systematically focusing on customers often requires systematic realignment of all processes within the company, and the interplay of tried-and-trusted and innovative technologies. KPS is one of the few consulting partners in the market that can cover the entire range of processes, from classic ERP to e-commerce and digital customer management (CxM) and digital marketing. As a result, the KPS consultants are able not only to consider the company and its processes holistically, but also to create and integrate custom solutions for individual corporate divisions. 

New technologies create new opportunities

Using the right technologies to collect, analyze, and evaluate large volumes of data (in other words, analytics) is as much a part of the KPS consultants’ service portfolio as developing apps or deploying mobile technologies. In all cases, the focus is firmly on engaging customers consistently across all channels and providing a consistent brand and product experience – not only in retailing, but also in the consumer products and services sectors. And digital technologies are also increasingly making inroads in the manufacturing industry. 

Strategy – processes – technology – change management

Strategy. KPS offers implementation-oriented strategy consulting focused on reviewing and further developing your corporate goals. Our consultants’ industry experience enables them to show you tried-and-trusted strategies and approaches for your industry. You align your business model with these approaches, and the KPS team of consultants supports you with implementing your goals. In a next step, you team up with us to jointly specify the strategic guidelines for your planned transformation.

Processes. KPS supports you when it comes to determining and designing results-oriented analytics options, identifying synergies, and uncovering potential for improvement. To sustainably optimize processes, KPS consultants leverage continually updated catalogs of best practice processes, which are already linked with state-of-the-art standard software solutions. This enables your strategic and operational goals to be transferred directly to tried-and-tested processes and systems, minimizing cost and risk for you.

Technology. Once you have defined the processes at all levels of your company and specified the requirements for the new system, highly specialized KPS experts take care of implementing them. After the right standard software package and individual components have been evaluated and selected, the necessary adjustments are made and the future business processes are validated in the system right through to go-live of a pilot and the roll-in of corporate divisions.

Change management. The executive sponsor, key users from the specialist departments, and IT are all involved in the project right from the start. With the help of KPS Rapid Prototyping, processes are visualized in the system in just a few weeks, and your employees rapidly gain a firm grasp of the new procedures. Using the change management activities that are right for you also enables successful onboarding of end users for timely go-live.

The right partner for your planned transformation

The success of a transformation project, irrespective of the industry or scope involved, largely hinges on the expertise, experience, and implementation skills of your consulting partner. What’s more, there are key questions in any complex transformation initiative that require the right answers – KPS Rapid Transformation:

  • How do you implement innovative ideas and business models as quickly as possible?
  • How do you ensure that specialist departments and IT are on board?
  • How do you achieve a high degree of standardization plus customized processes for critical corporate divisions?
  • How do you avoid costly technical development work?
  • How do you avoid excessively long delays between drawing up and finally accepting requirements?
  • How do you avoid consultant pyramids with an excessively high percentage of juniors?

With KPS Rapid Transformation, strategy development, process design, adaptation, and implementation are performed in parallel using suitable software solutions, wherever possible. All areas flow into each other seamlessly, with no interruptions to the project – supported by KPS Campus change management principles in all phases.

In addition to their invaluable software knowledge and wide-ranging industry experience, the KPS consultants’ high degree of expertise in methodologies, change management, and projects is quite simply the key success factor for your project. KPS clients succeed with KPS Rapid Transformation.

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