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Iot, beer, and e-commerce

How a smart table can unite these things and change trade

Beer culture and digitalization - how should they fit together?

Many German companies are researching innovative business models and new technologies in special digital labs. At KPS, this lab is called Innovation Campus and is located in Dortmund. Recently, a smart table with many practical functions was created there: the Internet of Beer showcase. Behind the project name "Internet of Beer" stands the "Internet of Things" (IoT), a collective term for technologies that link physical and virtual aspects.

The weight sensor built into the table measures the weight of the full beer glass and automatically triggers a new order when the glass is empty. A telegram chatbot forwards the information for ordering to the mobile terminals of the service employee. Long waiting times are thus avoided. The order can be paused on the tablet integrated in the tabletop and restarted later.
The intelligent beer mat and tablet make “ordering 4.0” a reality in restaurants and bars.

The project shows the diverse fields of application of the IoT, which has the potential to penetrate large parts of our society in the future and to change them sustainably.

Transferred to the retail sector, the sensor could be installed in shelves, where it could trigger automated repeat orders as soon as the stock of products on the shelf is approaching its end.