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One of Germany’s most successful management consultancies

Lünendonk List 2019

Munich, 04 July 2019. KPS AG has once again made the top ten list of German management consultancies, coming in at eighth position. The annual list of the ten leading consultancies is drawn up by market research company Lünendonk®.

In 2018, KPS AG and its workforce of 600 employees generated revenues of € 172.2 million, representing a 7.4 percent increase compared to 2017 as well as employee growth of 21.4%. The ten largest management consultancies with headquarters and majority capital in Germany saw revenue increase by 9.5 percent in total in 2018.

KPS, in particular, is benefiting from the fact that customer transformation requirements in the area of digitization remain high: The consultancy, which has locations in the German cities of Munich, Dortmund and Hamburg, specializes in digital transformation projects in the retail and consumer goods sectors. It supports companies in gearing their business models toward the customer and implementing innovative digital processes and technologies within the shortest possible time frame. According to Lünendonk, improving efficiency and cutting costs are especially high on the agenda for customers.

"Many of our customers are looking to digitize end-to-end processes. Our employees are experts in digital transformation projects whether in e-commerce, omnichannel, or online marketing. Our ranking in the Lünendonk List bears out the demand in this area. We are delighted to have once again made it into the top 10 German management consultancies,” comments Leonardo Musso, CEO of KPS AG.

This year, consultancies expect to see a further 10.3 percent growth in revenues, and the forecast for 2020 and 2021 is similarly positive (+10.4 percent). According to Lünendonk, forecasts are being impacted by a poor outlook in key customer segments such as the automotive industry and banking.

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