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Annex Cloud: Loyalty program complements the holistic CX

Munich, June 25, 2019. Through its new partnership with Annex Cloud, KPS is covering all the relevant areas and bringing its holistic customer experience one step closer to perfection. The consulting firm has added the Annex Loyalty program to its existing portfolio to enable retailers to achieve an even higher level of customer retention across all their channels.

Annex Cloud aids retailers in creating unique customer experiences that promote both customer loyalty and recommendations to others. This holistic loyalty platform combines omnichannel loyalty programs with referral marketing and user-generated content in a single solution. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Annex Cloud specializes in retail and other areas.

With Annex Loyalty, which offers a variety of touchpoints, consumers can collect fidelity or bonus points – or quick and easy rewards for referring new customers. This enables companies not only to retain more customers and increase the chances of their making further purchases, but strengthen their customer interactions, as well.

“Annex Loyalty is the ideal complement to C/4HANA and S/4HANA. The platform offers standardized integration with numerous SAP systems, which makes implementing it in existing infrastructures a relatively seamless process. This also means it specifically supports established CX processes,” explains Dr. Lucas Calmbach, a partner at KPS.  “Thanks to our partnership with Annex Cloud, we can now offer comprehensive loyalty programs in direct response to the requests we've received from lots of our customers.”

Since 2010, Annex Cloud has enabled more than 250 leading brands and retailers to address millions of customers in a targeted and individual way. Annex Cloud's marketing platform offers fully integrated solutions for customer retention, recommendation marketing and user-generated content. This allows the solution to optimize the customer journey, provide a consistent customer experience, improve the number and quality of content and customer referrals, and create higher quality and more resilient customer relationships.

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