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KPS VOTED ONE OF Germany's most innovative companies

Munich, 4th March 2020. For a long time Germany was considered the land of poets and thinkers. But what is the state of innovation in German companies? And what does innovative actually mean? To answer this question, Germany's established business magazine Capital has cooperated with one of the market leaders for data collection and analysis, Statista.

Statista, market leader in data collection and analysis, has been conducting this survey for 6 years. At the beginning there was a list of 1,781 companies that had attracted attention as particularly innovative. Now Statista and the business magazine Capital have had this "longlist" evaluated for the first time. But by whom? 

A total of 3,042 experts evaluated the longlist in December 2019: representatives of awarded innovative companies and members of the Statista Expert Circle. Voters had to have at least six years of professional experience in their industry and be in positions such as board members, managing directors, division or department heads. Each member of the panel was able to evaluate companies in their specific industry.

Intelligent products or services, progressive processes or an innovation-friendly corporate culture were included as a criteria. In addition, the respondents were able to indicate in which areas of innovation they would rate a company particularly highly.

KPS was rated as particularly innovative in the area of products and services.

4-stars awarded to KPS

We thank our customers, employees and partners for these 4 stars! 

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