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KPS is Certified Partner for Process Mining Technology from Celonis

KPS and Celonis conclude partnership

Munich, 28 May 2020: The management consultancy KPS AG is now a Certified Partner of Celonis, the market leader for AI-supported process mining and process excellence software. This means that KPS customers can now also benefit from Celonis' process mining technology as part of their end-to-end consulting services. It complements the KPS Rapid-Transformation® method and supports KPS customers in realizing savings and optimization potentials in processes.

In order to optimize business processes, you first have to know them. Process Mining offers a simple, interactive and fast way to visualize processes; based on the data already available in IT systems. As a result the company receives an objective view of its business processes and what works well in these processes and where there are points of friction and potential for improvement. The AI-controlled analysis automatically identifies process variants and the underlying causes for deviations and process disturbances. With the help of the AI-based process assistant, data is continuously analyzed, potential for improvement is detected in real time, and those involved in the process are notified so that concrete measures can be taken for improvement. The result: leaner and more efficient processes that are continuously optimized.

Process Mining supplements the KPS Rapid Transformation® method

KPS consulting with the Rapid-Transformation® method is end-to-end. This means that processes are considered and optimized from the first to the last step across all functional areas and company boundaries - from product development, manufacturing and procurement to delivery or purchase by the end customer at the dealer. Celonis' Process Mining technology now accelerates this process even further and is used by KPS to map the new processes and in productive operation for continuous data-based performance monitoring. In concrete terms, this means: At the beginning of a project, the existing process landscape is precisely recorded and optimization potentials are identified. In the planning phase, the project scope, costs and budget can be realistically planned on the basis of this - this protects against unpleasant surprises and cost explosions, to which IT projects have always been susceptible. With the help of Process Mining, possible weaknesses are already identified in the pilot project and eliminated before the roll-out. By integrating the new processes and systems, for example an SAP solution, the customer benefits from lean, efficient processes and significant cost savings compared to the previous approach. Continuous monitoring during the project ensures that processes run safely, stably and successfully and can be continuously optimized even after going live.

The cooperation between KPS and Celonis already started in 2019 on a project-related basis. The official partnership was concluded in April 2020. The certified consultants of KPS now support ongoing customer projects together with Celonis.

Bastian Nominacher, co-founder and Co-CEO at Celonis, welcomes the new partnership:

„The comprehensive know-how of KPS consultants in system and process consulting combined with our technology opens up great potential for our two companies and our customers in their transformation initiatives.“
„With Celonis' innovative process mining technology, we can support our customers even better in mastering the digital transformation quickly, efficiently and smoothly", adds Michael Tsifidaris, Chairman of KPS AG. "The ability to identify continuous optimization opportunities in existing installations also creates great value-added potential for our customers. The new partnership is a great benefit for us, and we look forward to further joint projects.“

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