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Summer Run 2020 - we made it!

Virtual donation handover met with radiant recipients

Munich, 3 December 2020. This year, the KPS team once again started the traditional #KPSSummerRun - this included not only employees of the international KPS family, but also their spouses, partners and children - the starting signal was given as usual on 21 June at midnight - on 23 September 2019 at midnight all teams had to have crossed the finish line.

We have reached our goal!

The year 2020 will be remembered by all as a challenging year, regardless of which country we call home. It is also very clear that in times like these, help is even more needed. With every step we took we wanted to help children and young people in need: As every year, the collected donations will be divided equally and donated to charities in the largest KPS countries: Spain, Denmark, Great Britain and Germany.

Donation cheque handover

Spain: Donation cheque happily received

Maite Golmayo Boada – AFANOC

Donation handover Nordics

Casper Hovard - KPS

Great joy among the recipients of the donations

Thomas Schober - KPS(on the left), Frauke Gnadl - Help for Kids (on the upper right) , Arta Ismajli - KPS (on the bottem right) 

Charity project Spain

We support aid projects for children and young people in Germany, Denmark and Spain.

"Hilfe für Kids" is one of the donation projects, launched in 1998, in the Kreisjugendring München-Stadt (KJR): the KJR has existed for 75 years. The KJR is an independent sponsor of 50 children's and youth facilities and 8 day-care centres in the Munich city area.

Frauke Gnadl, Project Manager Fundraising, Kreisjugendring München-Stadt, talks about her heart's desire:

"With "Hilfe für Kids" we support children and young people growing up in disadvantaged living conditions and enable them to participate in lunchtime childcare, educational offers or holiday trips with the help of donations.
We will gladly use the donation of 2,756 euros for a language development course in one of our day care centres. Children must have the best possible command of the German language before they start school, otherwise their schooling will be marked by failure and their later choice of career will be strongly limited by poor grades or a lack of school-leaving qualifications.
A special aspect of the Linguino language support course is to include the child's native language. This is because the fear that the child will "forget" the culture and language of its parents and grandparents is enormous among parents. At Linguino, there is no "either-or" requirement, but rather the idea that bilingualism is a great opportunity and enrichment. We have had great success with it!"

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