A man waters a cactus
A man waters a cactus


Digital Growth Platform for innovative Unified Customer Interaction

The goal

Setting off into new digital dimensions together with customers

Significantly accelerated by Corona, the digitalisation of customer interactions is now progressing rapidly. Companies from many industries such as mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and insurance are therefore faced with the question of whether a complete overhaul or a brand new reimaging of their marketing, sales, commerce and service platform is the right path towards a digital future. The focus here is clear: customer first!

Immediately ready for use with the most important use cases

Highly flexible MACH architecture

Modular design for individual equipment and applications

Expandable for consistent digital development

Operation on cloud infrastructure of your choice

Let’s Start

Be there live right now

Our platform consultants, architects, developers and UX designers are happy to support you in choosing the right configuration and equipment, a smooth roadmap for the implementation and the correct investment calculation for your platform. You are also welcome to use the live use cases and platform architecture in our KPS Design Center. Because: "seeing is believing"!

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Future built in

Stay tuned

With the Grow & Innovate Subscription you consistently develop yourself further

Always be the first to benefit from new and updated use cases. Once a quarter, we present you with a selection of innovative functions, features and tools that we integrate into KPS/growth, pre-assessed for you in terms of costs and benefits. You decide for yourself how you want to grow your platform with us and make it more performant.

We would be happy to advise you on your Unified Customer Interaction solution. Contact us!


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Philipp Krüger, Partner KPS

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