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Corporations following the footsteps of Start-Ups

Together, we and the business magazine CAPITAL embarked on a journey through the digital innovation units of large corporations and and mid-sized companies, discovering exciting solutions, gaining surprising insights and working out recurring success patterns and new trends.
The DigiLabs 2018 awards were presented to the best of the best on June 21, 2018 in Berlin - including heavyweights such as Lufthansa, Daimler and Linde.

The new study by KPS subsidiary Infront Consulting and the business magazine “Capital”

Innovation labs, accelerators and company builders – companies are investing in various kinds of innovation incubators to keep pace in the digital age. Their tasks are to follow trends, develop prototypes and test business models. They also aim to develop their own areas of business, provide initial support for start-ups and ideally drive forward the digital transformation of the core organization. How can they achieve this?

The second edition of “Companies in Search of Start-Ups” once again looks deep inside the magic box of company-driven innovation units. How can companies pull off the balancing act between well-structured, day-to-day business operations and fostering an agile start-up spirit? Which forms of creative innovation units are best suited to which purpose? What can these units achieve in specific terms and which success factors must unequivocally be taken into account?  

Infront Consulting has gone on a tour of Germany’s digital innovation units, discovering exciting solutions, obtaining fascinating insights and identifying recurrent patterns of success. The Infront experts have summarized these findings in the study and together with the business magazine CAPITAL have presented awards to the best innovation labs, accelerators and company builders for 2018.


Fathoming out effectiveness

The study provides an in-depth insight into the inner workings of modern innovation incubators, explores their success factors in detail and points to areas of action. The document is therefore a vital basis for action for all companies seeking to set up a digital innovation unit or for those who already run one. It provides invaluable information on how innovation labs, company builders and accelerators can make significant contributions to the digital innovation and transformation of established companies rather than becoming a playground for CEOs and hip creative types.

Download the study!

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