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Innogy SE: Energy management via smartphones

Energy efficiency with new online shop: service providers also need a digital marketing strategy!


“We keep updating the app without completely overhauling it or making major changes each time. This has the advantage that our customers can quickly take on board any new features and continue to use the app as before.”

Jennifer Deborah Tamblyn, Business Owner, Digital Sales & Service INNOGY

Facts & Figures


  • Sales of 43 billion
  • 42,000 employees
  • 22 million customers
  • Our biggest markets are Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Belgium as well as some countries in Central and Southeast Europe; in particular, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland


  • An ever-growing list of customer requirements means that energy suppliers are having to continuously expand their product portfolio
  • Besides basic services, areas such as such as digital home automation, e-mobility, and smart metering are becoming increasingly important for the market
  • innogy SE is an innovative market leader in e-commerce and smart services for its customers
  • The company is transforming from an energy provider to a large innovative online store for digital energy



  • The innogy SmartStore offers numerous new features to target its technology-savvy audience
  • Dynamic content to support marketing and sales campaigns
  • Optimized management of customer data, orders, and returns
  • New e-commerce channels to complement the core portfolio (electricity and gas), accompanying its transformation into an omnichannel company for energy-related products



  • User-centered approach for scoping & alignment
  • Focus on the needs and expectations of the different stakeholders
  • UX/UI design based on the defined user requirements
  • Continuous development (agile methods) and expansion of other shop clients


  • Intershop ICM 7.9
  • Frontend Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Apache http Server-based web server
  • Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics

Reshape and transform rapidly. Your business in a digital world.

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