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“From the outset, our goal was to stay close to the standard software and deploy best practice process models, and that’s precisely what we’ve done.”

Roland Vorderwülbecke, CIO FRESSNAPF

FRESSNAPF: E-commerce for pet supplies


COMPASS was the largest project in Fressnapf’s history. Its aim: to create the IT and process structures required for the company’s meteoric growth. Internationalization, scalability, and the highest standards of system and process reliability were key requirements. Another important criterion was speed: totally new systems and processes had to be up and running as quickly as possible in order to initiate the changes necessary to pave the way to an omnichannel infrastructure. “The cultural transition from an ‘old’ company to an omnichannel culture was also a major challenge,” explains, Fressnapf CIO Roland Vorderwülbecke. “For Fressnapf, it was important to have a partner who could leverage its experience and methodical approach to provide our organization with reliable guidance. We needed a partner who could clearly and comprehensibly show us, right from the outset, how processes would actually function in day-to-day operations, and demonstrate their look and feel.”



Fressnapf opted for the standard software stack comprising SAP for Retail, with SAP Commerce Cloudas the technology platform – plus the experts from KPS. The main reasons for selecting KPS as consulting partner were the consultancy’s outstanding references, the consultants’ extensive experience, and the standardized process chains for omnichannel business, as well as the KPS Rapid-Transformation® approach. The project initially focused “only” on one ERP project and the store solution. However, these areas were very soon joined by CRM, webshop, and integration of a fulfillment service provider – bringing a threefold increase in the original scope, with no change to the original project timeline. This was possible only because KPS could cover all the areas – from classic ERP to e-commerce, and from customer management to the store solution (GK software). As a result, the client did not have to contend with multiple partners and interfaces. The range of SAP solutions implemented included SAP for Retail, SAP Human Capital Management, SAP HANA Live for Flexible Real Estate Management, SAP Promotion Management for Retail, SAP Store Management by GK, SAP Commerce Cloud, and SAP CRM, as well as functionality for financial accounting and controlling, business intelligence, and financial customer care.



The implemented solution portfolio included:

  • SAP Retail
  • SAP Store Management by GK
  • SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP CRM on-premise

Customer benefits

All the existing best-of-breed and homegrown solutions were replaced by an SAP-based landscape. The company’s IT organization has transitioned from a run-IT to a change-IT approach and now handles ongoing further development of processes and projects.


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