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Mobile shopping basket boosts revenue

The use of mobile user devices has fueled growth in the online retail trade. This is a trend that webshop technology must adapt to. Processes are increasingly being implemented for various devices and users, and platforms are being realigned. This brings a host of advantages for all involved.

Successful online retailers are making their websites fit for mobile customers. An increasing number of visits to online shops are via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Providers benefit from seamless ordering processes and this results in increasing revenue.

Cross-device process: seamless ordering

The cross-device process has a range of benefits for end customers. They enjoy the convenience of ordering via a mobile device. At the same time, they can access data from their customer profile whenever they want. If an order entered via a mobile device is not completed, it can be saved in the shopping basket. If necessary, it can be completed using any other user device. The ordering process is seamless for customers, no matter whether they shop via smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. The current shopping basket is always available. The basket can also be used by retailers to personalize their engagement with customers. Alongside the actual transaction, the overarching view of order and customer data is irrelevant for operators of online shops.

Processes for various types of users: Greater employee flexibility

Expert advice is in demand in the omnichannel environment, as elsewhere. Customers are grateful for assistance from skilled staff, particularly on products requiring a great deal of advice. This holds true right through to the ordering process, which, however, can be completed directly in the store. Employees can prepare an order on any user device together with the customer, for example using a configurator. Another employee can use the data from this order as a starting point for additional advice and use this data with another article. In a final step, end customers can transfer this order to their user device, where they can complete the order and pay immediately using their mobile device, if desired.

Using mobile devices makes ordering processes more flexible. This enables various users to place orders in a common workflow. For example, one customer fills a shopping basket using an app. She uses a link to send this shopping basket to her partner, who completes the shopping basket and submits the order.

KPS has extensive expertise in all areas of e-commerce. Setting up and establishing webshops is an important part of the consulting portfolio. This includes optimizing digital sales platforms for various devices, as well as developing and implementing omnichannel strategies. Right from the outset, KPS focuses on optimally integrating all sales channels and delivering the best possible user experience – and that adds up to greater customer loyalty and higher revenue.