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The digitalized customer journey becomes reality

Retailers have never known as much about the customer journey as they do today – how buyers make purchase decisions, what patterns they follow when switching between online and offline channels, which dispatch and returns methods they prefer or which loyalty schemes they use most often. Despite all of this, it has never been so challenging to achieve customer loyalty. Why is that?

While retailers can today analyze every single aspect of the consumer experience in the greatest detail thanks to vast databases, their processes are often poorly coordinated overall. Whether it is inconsistent marketing activities or misaligned channels – sometimes consumers experience genuine added value while at other times they have the impression that their needs are not taken into account at all.

To change this, retailers have to step outside of day-to-day routines and look at the customer journey holistically from a new perspective. Retailers have to know every step in their customers’ purchase decision-making, create an experience curve from the customer’s first to last step and support them through interconnected processes and systems. Only then can the customer journey become a highly individual, end-to-end, optimized shopping experience. They also have to understand what makes their customers come back. Only by adopting this approach can they foster customer relationships in a targeted way over the long-term.

To what extent is the consumer experience in the modern world of retail in line with your many channels and contact points? What does the customer really want? And does the retailer meet these expectations?

Dr. Michael Mirz is Vice President at KPS. He manages major KPS transformation projects with the emphasis on omnichannel, supply-chain optimization and corporate restructuring.

Within the following document Dr. Michael Mirz explains the complexity of the customer journey and the development of a new customer experience cycle in 5 steps.

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