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Web analysis and optimization

The way to higher revenue

If visitors are to become buyers, it is extremely important to better understand your online users.

How do they get to your online shop? How do they move around the page? Why do they seem to jump back and forward between different pages for no apparent reason? And why do they break off shortly before completing the purchase? In order to get more out of your online shop or your website, our skilled consultants focus on these and other questions regarding usability, consumer behavior, and your users’ motivation. More traffic, more sales transactions, more revenue.

Effective optimization is built on data that we automatically acquire, analyze, and interpret with the aid of various web analytics tools. We establish causal relationships, determine the factors for sales transactions, identify the right buttons to push, and find solutions for maximum uplifts. Our extensive experience in e-commerce and knowledge of sales psychology enable our consultants to change the right parameters at the right time. We continually verify the success of our hypotheses by means of A/B tests or multivariate tests, thus continually evolving them.

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