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Changing needs

In the service sector, product satisfaction hinges on customers’ subjective perception more so than in the manufacturing industry. What makes for a good service and what for a bad one? 

Whether in retail, logistics/transportation, or at service companies, smooth, efficient back-end processes and uncompromising alignment of offerings with customers’ changing needs are key to success in the service sector.

The right mixture of personal advice and assistance, combined with online offerings, is crucial if companies are to set themselves apart from the crowd. KPS Consulting offers you an experienced and expert team of consultants for your service business. They help you not only to formulate the right strategy for your company but also to put it into practice by implementing the right processes and systems.

In logistics and transportation, ever fiercer competition and constantly rising customer expectations when it comes to delivery windows mean that companies have to constantly optimize costs and processes. The ideal interplay of the key parameters of time and place, and smooth exchange of merchandise and information are essential if you are to survive and thrive in increasingly complex and dynamic markets.

KPS consultants support you when it comes to identifying and implementing potential for logistics optimization throughout the integrated planning, management, handling, and control of the entire flow of materials and merchandise. We also give particular attention to the associated information flows.

In this way, we help you generate sustainable strategic added value.

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