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Digitization changes everything

KPS boasts sound expertise and outstanding customer references in the retail, consumer products, services, and manufacturing industries. 

Faster implementation of innovative new business models

Our shared vision is to support our clients every step of the way: from defining core strategic principles to implementing process optimization based on best practices, and putting the required technology into place – rapidly and in the shortest time possible. This calls for consultants with in-depth experience and a firm industry focus.         

If you consider the value chain of the manufacturing industry, it’s clear that the sector faces major challenges. In procurement markets, many companies have to contend with price increases and even shortages of raw materials. At the same time, overcapacity can sometimes make it very difficult to push through price rises in sales markets. The increasing integration of manufacturing and retail due to digitization is creating a kind of symbiotic relationship – with retailers becoming manufacturers, and manufacturers becoming retailers. This primarily generates a potential in three areas. First, in greatly accelerated time to market as a result of digitization; second, in automated personalization right through to extreme customization of products and production series; and third, in more intense knowledge transfer.

Over the years, KPS has amassed vast knowledge in the field of digitization. The KPS consultants support you in developing a digital strategy and implementing it in the form of an end-to-end corporate transformation.

KPS Rapid-Transformation® – with industry focus

The KPS Rapid Prototyping Method enables you to see and understand at an early stage just how future processes will play out in the real world. Developing and refining this method requires considerable ongoing investments in tools, content, and people – and above all a firm industry focus. 

Best practices and standard software

KPS has developed and optimized process characteristics and functional catalogs for the various individual industries. In most transformations, around 20% of a company’s processes should be given full attention because they differ from those of the competition. The remaining 80% are standard industry processes. They follow the industry’s best practice guidelines and are supported by the process model included with the appropriate standard software.

KPS provides you with advice and assistance on realigning your processes, supported by the right standard software solution. Contact our experts today.

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