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Growing focus on consumers

Consumers’ rapidly changing preferences and their use of mobile technologies and social networks are compelling companies to take a holistic approach to their consumers. At the same time, rising commodities prices, continued consolidation in the retail industry, and growing price pressure call for ongoing enhancements to operating excellence and ongoing optimization of business processes. 

Attempts to make sustainable and profitable improvements to business processes often fail to deliver the expected results. Problems arise when the IT aspects of process optimization are not given sufficient consideration from the outset. By the same token, projects also fail as a result of focusing exclusively on technical solutions. 

Our services for the consumer products industry are based on comprehensive best practice information on process flows and KPIs, on organizational structures, as well as on IT support for processes.

KPS consultants are familiar with the core processes and organizational models of the consumer products sector and combine this expertise with their implementation skills. We help you when it comes to enhancing operational excellence, process harmonization, IT consolidation, or realigning your promotion management on the basis of state-of-the-art standard software.

In addition, KPS provides support for a holistic approach to customers and consumers by establishing an omnichannel model of the kind already successfully implemented by many companies. This also applies when it comes to leveraging innovative technologies for data and information analysis in your planning processes.

KPS boasts comprehensive expertise. Our consulting portfolio, services, and best practice approaches are tailored to the consumer packaged goods, raw materials processing, durables, and consumer electronics segments alike.

We support your success from strategy development through to achieving the potential of your project.

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