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Inbound and outbound: dovetailed and optimized

Today’s customers are becoming increasingly discerning and demand a wide range of delivery scenarios. If you want to win their business, you have to be flexible and deliver fast. In the omnichannel environment, merchandise management is being put to the test: innovative approaches can give you a competitive edge – but only if your processes are also optimized.

These days customers order items online, have them delivered to their workplace, pick them up, and pay at the store. At the weekend, they go shopping downtown, try on a jacket, and have it delivered to their home in a color that’s not in stock. And if they don’t like it, they can hand it back at the store on their way to work. The latest e-book reader is not available online, but it is at the local store. After the customer places the order through the e-shop, the store sends out the product the same day. On the subway on their way to work, customers can configure their dream bike for collection from the nearest store the same evening.

Delivery scenarios that were unimaginable only a few years ago are now becoming reality. Providing processes that are transparent and ensuring products are available at the right time and the right place are among the greatest challenges faced by retailers. And these developments are putting ever greater pressure on logistics and merchandise planning.

But it’s not just in retail that merchandise and logistics planning are hot topics. Players in the consumer products sector also have to respond even faster to changing market trends. Customers’ individual requirements are increasingly shaping the logistics value chain. Procurement and distribution processes have to be dovetailed while becoming progressively more flexible. Painstaking planning and end-to-end management of products are significant success factors.

Setting your sights on sustainability and globalization

In addition, other factors for success are gaining significance. For example, there is a demand for better environmental and social approaches geared to optimizing the sustainability of processes.

Globalized markets require companies to be able to provide their merchandise all over the world. Businesses that demonstrate the necessary flexibility can gain a firmer foothold in diverse markets. They position their brand more clearly and set themselves apart from the crowd.

KPS Rapid Transformation® enables cutting-edge processes with the help of state-of-the-art standard software stacks. Building on this firm foundation, KPS consultants work hand in hand with you to optimize your merchandise planning and establish leading-edge logistics planning, enabling you to respond rapidly to market trends and customer requirements. Transparent, flexible, cost-optimized, and seamless real-time processes are a cornerstone of omnichannel success.

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