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Industry focus delivers innovative solutions

What sets the best apart from the rest? Companies that succeed concentrate on the capabilities that differentiate them from the competition and give them their competitive edge. This also applies to business processes and the deployment of technologies. And to their consulting partners.

KPS is Europe’s market leader in transformation consulting for retail companies. In addition, we have a sound expertise and outstanding customer references in the consumer products, services, and manufacturing segments.

Faster implementation of innovative new business models

Our shared vision is to support our clients every step of the way: from defining core strategic principles to implementing process optimization based on best practices, and putting the required technology into place – rapidly and in the shortest time possible. This calls for consultants with in-depth experience and a firm industry focus.

KPS Rapid-Transformation® – with industry focus

The KPS Rapid prototyping method enables you to see and understand at an early stage just how future processes will play out in the real world. Developing and refining this method requires considerable ongoing investments in tools, content, and people – and above all a firm industry focus. 

Best practices and standard software

KPS has developed and optimized process characteristics and functional catalogs for the various individual industries. In most transformations, around 20% of a company’s processes should be given full attention because they differ from those of the competition. The remaining 80% are standard industry processes. They follow the industry’s best practice guidelines and are supported by the process model included with the appropriate standard software. 

Omnichannel – from A–Z

KPS is the only consulting partner that can cover the entire omnichannel spectrum: from stationary to digital retail right through to digital marketing and customer management. In other words, from traditional retailing and ERP, supply chain management, and e-commerce, to the digital integration of mobile devices, Big Data, and customer experience management – at all touch points.

Digital technology in the consumer products and services market

We have also grown successfully in the consumer products and services market. Companies come to us because of our expertise in digital technologies. With the advent of online and mobile capabilities, the consumer products market is undergoing a particularly dramatic upheaval, with the roles of retailers and manufacturers changing, and in some fields merging entirely. Here we are successfully scaling up our extensive experience in retailing, whether in the B2B or the B2C segment.

Covering the entire business spectrum

KPS has constantly invested in its industry focus, creating a practice that spans the entire range of business processes: from the supply chain to warehouse management, ERP, financial accounting and controlling, through to e-commerce, mobility and personalization – at strategic, process, and technological level.

Each and every day, KPS consultants tackle change processes and questions of the future in the various industries, leveraging their farsightedness to develop solution scenarios that are agile and fit for the long-term future. 

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