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KPS iFurniture: Innovation through digitalization

Future-oriented technology in the omnichannel

Digitalization is in full swing in the furniture retail sector too, where retailers face growing pressure from pure online players. KPS developed a method to bring the retail system into the digital area.

Many retailers are familiar with their in-store customers, but unaware of how customers behave in each channel or how and why they make purchasing decisions; this is because their processes and technology are not currently set up to deliver such information.

Retailers manage their online presence and brick-and-mortar business as two separate silos, supported by different online platform and customer management technologies and outdated retail systems.

Neither processes nor systems are integrated seamlessly. The time has come to change this – with the help of the experts at KPS.

The special customer order process in the KPS furniture retail solution based on SAP retail

Take the process of customer-specific order processing in furniture retail: Here, purely retail-related processes are linked with those followed by suppliers. Once a customer orders his individually customized product, a number of steps need to take place, including triggering the purchase order process on the vendor side, sending a delivery date confirmation to the customer, arranging for the delivery itself, and consolidating any necessary assembly and service tasks at the delivery location.

The sales team enters the customer’s specific order directly using iFURNITURE, the app developed by KPS for tablet PCs. This not only assists sales employees in their one-on-one interactions with customers but automatically handles the integrated business processes running in the background, as well. This makes it possible to factor in even complex warehouse workflows.

The solution for the furniture retail business: KPS Rapid-Transformation®

The integration of strategy, business processes, and implementation pose a challenge in any project. KPS covers the entire consulting spectrum, from strategy development, through process design, to system transactions. Success depends on the interplay between two key factors: methodology and experienced consultants.

The KPS Rapid-Transformation® methodology includes and integrates all project levels based on KPS reference processes for furniture retail. Change management is another important factor in the success of the methodology.

It ensures that strategy definition, process modeling, and implementation in the SAP Retail environment are integrated seamlessly.

KPS consultants – or KPS Transformation Architects – have extensive knowledge of the industry and, on average, more than 12 years’ project experience. The seniority of our team is a key factor in our success. For project-specific situations, we follow the “All-Star” principle, calling in generalists or specialists depending on the project requirements.

The unique combination of methodology and consulting team guarantees the success of our customers' projects.

Our customers' feedback

Karsten Kamrath, CEO Dodenhof:

“KPS delivered on everything it promised in terms of methodology, resource requirements, the use of standards, and furniture-specific solutions in SAP Retail. We couldn‘t be happier with their services.”

Achim Fahrenkamp, Owner and Managing Director porta:

“Online sales are accounting for more and more business in the furniture industry. We’re looking to reach out to customers in personalized ways – both online and at our stores – and keep them coming back for the long term.”

Dr. Friedhelm Rudolph, Authorized Signatory and Head of Controlling POCO Einrichtungsmarke:

“For us, it was important to find a partner with process and industry expertise, which is exactly how KPS won us over. Without them, it wouldn’t have been possible to complete our project so quickly with such a small team.”

Our experts' opinion

Jochen Jahraus, Managing Partner KPS:

„Digitalization opens up new possibilities, especially in the furniture retail. Those who invest in innovative technologies and Omnichannel processes today will maintain and their position in the market.”


Watch our solution for the furniture retail business in the video


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