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KPS selected as IT supplier by Danish SKI: New frame contract for the public sector

KPS in Denmark has been selected by Danish SKI (National Procurement Ltd) as one of the IT suppliers under SKI 02.18 frame agreement. The agreement covers public sector IT implementation and support services, including SAP, and allows KPS to offer its services to all public organizations in Denmark without demanding EU procurement processes.

EU directives regarding public procurement usually include demanding tender processes, which delay agreements with public organizations. SKI is a service and procurement organization working with the Danish public sector. It simplifies the procurement process by offering frame agreements to tested and trusted providers. Instead of having time consuming, costly public tender procedures, organizations can use tender formats like mini competitions and spot buying for providers with framework agreement. Nevertheless, it is ensured that EU directives are met.

The new frame agreement, which entered into force in May 2019, allows KPS to deliver its services to all public and semi-public organizations in Denmark quickly and efficiently. 

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