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Customer experience management

Customer experience management (CEM) is a hot topic among marketing experts and is being touted as a significant differentiator. In studies, CMOs repeatedly state that they want to set themselves apart from the average competitors by means of CEM initiatives. At the same time, customer surveys show that in most cases there is no real improvement to the customer experience.

The big picture

We are certain that CEM initiatives need to be viewed holistically if they are to succeed. Simply deploying WCXM systems and digital marketing hubs is not enough. To make lasting improvements to the customer experience, companies have to precisely align their product and service offerings, and seamlessly integrate the underlying processes. That’s why our consultants initially ask you about your processes when you speak to us about optimized customer experience management.

From anonymous visitors to loyal customers

Whether we are talking about websites, mobile apps, or other touch points, the importance of the front end (in other words the interface between customers and companies’ digital presence) can hardly be overstated. This is where direct contact occurs. And it is here that consumers make split-second decisions on whether to continue their customer journey or not.

Successful retailers have always known how to adapt to their customers and win them over with made-to-measure offerings. While digital transformation admittedly reduces personal contact, it offers many new ways of supporting customers throughout their decision-making processes, and of using this information to create targeted incentives to buy.

KPS customer experience management experts support you when it comes to showing your offerings to their best advantage in the digital world. The goal: maximum conversion of anonymous visitors into purchasers, and of purchasers into loyal customers who will be happy to recommend your offerings to others.

Availability and performance

In any interaction with digital media, the very first impression is response-time behavior. That’s why the KPS experts devote attention to the scalability of the products deployed. From initial solution design onward, during implementation, through to go-live, and in the subsequent usage phase, our consultants show you which parameters are available for optimizing performance. But even the world’s fastest system is useless if it is offline. We also offer our clients support in this area, helping them find the best balance between high availability and costs.

Design and user experience

When we talk about design, we mean not only the visual appeal of an application but also its usability. For KPS specialists, better design is the design that delivers measurable benefits. Drawing on experience gained in many projects, our experts have developed a sound instinct for what is more or less likely to work. With the help of state-of-the-art tools, design quality also becomes measurable: users’ responses are analyzed and the data optimized further.

Responsive design and mobile first

The mobile revolution has fundamentally changed consumers’ expectations. Today, a website has to function on any device, irrespective of the display size. After all, “mobile” means anytime availability of your digital offerings, no matter where your customers are and what devices they use.

These days, different content for mobile devices and desktops of the kind seen in the early years of the mobile internet has gone out of fashion. To design device-agnostic websites, we leverage responsive design and the mobile-first approach. Responsive design means that all content elements flexibly adapt to the display characteristics instead of being tied to a predefined page size, as is the case when printing out documents.

In the mobile-first approach, the design process starts with the most important elements and the smallest display. Next, this blueprint is gradually expanded to include larger displays. The advantage of this method is that it focuses on the essentials right from the start.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps support not only the best possible connectivity to the wide variety of functionalities offered by mobile end-user devices. They also usually enable more information to be gathered on the context of use that would be possible with web browser-based applications. As a result, many companies see apps as an attractive additional channel for digital interaction. We design and develop apps for the Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems, and integrate them seamlessly into an omnichannel environment.

Get to know your customer better

“You can’t control what you can’t measure” is accepted wisdom in the world of software engineering. To better understand the behavior of visitors and customers in the digital domain, KPS recommends not only using the right analytics tool. The KPS experts can provide you with end-to-end support: from configuring predefined reports or dashboards to interpreting results to design new initiatives derived from the latest findings.

Greater impact through relevant content

How well companies can adapt to their individual customers has always been a significant difference between more or less successful retailers. What works well with one customer may be wrong for the next one. Customers who feel understood not only come back to purchase again, they recommend retailers to others. This is why personalizing digital offerings is a crucial competitive advantage. On the basis of market-leading products, the KPS specialists develop made-to-measure solutions that make it easier to capture customers’ real interests and output the right content automatically. International requirements such as multi-language user interfaces, different assortments for different regions, different currencies, and integrating local service providers are also implemented.

Innovations/The Internet of Things

Going forward, the Internet of Things is bound to impact customer experience management. Intelligent device components will offer opportunities to discover more information about the context of use, enabling companies to get to know users even better. But you can make life even easier for the user, for example by automating follow-up orders for consumables. The KPS experts keep tabs on these developments so that they can apply new innovations to processes in good time.

Customer experience technologies for in-house staff?

When customer experience management technologies are used to optimize the front end, the focus is generally on the customer. But whatever makes interaction with the digital company easier for customers, can also be used by the retailers’ staff. The KPS experts apply UX principles, which have proven their value daily in online shops, for user interfaces of SAP applications. This is made possible by SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori Apps. Optimized in this way, user interfaces enable staff to work even more effectively.

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