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Customer lifecycle management

In the digital age, managing every customer from initial contact onward is a must. With the right processes, applications, and technologies, you can support your customers in every step they take and every decision they make. Engaging customers throughout the life cycle enhances their value, fosters long-term customer loyalty, and sustainably maximizes revenue.

Customer lifecycle management deals with the customer life cycle: in other words, the business relationship between consumers and companies. The customer lifecycle starts with the first customer contact and finishes when the business relationship ends. Personal, proactive, and relevant communication with customers is pivotal when it comes to generating long-term interest in your brand and its products and services. This requires intelligent and relevant decisions.

Customer lifecycle management (CLM) not only helps intensify customer relationships and enhance customer value; it also has many benefits for the customer. Optimized customer lifecycle management enables companies to target and provide customers with the right products and services, anytime and anywhere. Customers receive made-to-measure offerings and information, and are not forced to go on time-consuming searches for other brand products. Customer loyalty is secured for the long-term. And loyal customers are your most valuable customers.

CLM gives you insight into your customers’ needs. An optimal solution supports the marketing team when it comes to engaging with the right customer groups at the right time. It maximizes the sales process, both online and offline (by increasing purchase value, the shopping basket, upselling in stores, and so on), and it increases efficiency in the customer service process.

Winning new customers is significantly more costly than increasing existing customers’ loyalty to your company and its brand. But you can also gain the loyalty of promising new customers by responding correctly when they first contact you.

KPS has 200 specialists in all areas of digital marketing. They have expert knowledge of the processes and are familiar with the most innovative approaches. What’s more, they are supported by a wide range of technologies from our partners, deployed strictly in line with the customer's specific requirements. Issues such as customer lifecycle management, the customer journey, and above all personalization of customer relationships are playing an ever greater role in retail and are essential for success. Contact the KBS All-Stars. They work hand in hand with you to develop strategic policies, select the right processes and technologies, and help you put these into practice. One-stop advice and assistance – from strategy through to real-world implementation.

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