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Loyal customers boost your bottom line

In competitive markets, loyal customers are a key success factor for retail companies. Satisfied customers come back again, and they bring along new customers. Companies that take advantage of this snowball effect benefit at every level. Personalized campaigns and promotions are strategic means of turning first-time purchasers into loyal customers and ambassadors.

Stories and emotional experiences are inspiring and stay in peoples’ memories. This is also true when it comes to shopping. Customers want an experience. They want to immerse themselves in topics and areas that do not necessarily reflect their day-to-day lives. A little fantasy, a little glamour – an escape from normal life. This offers retailers a host of opportunities.

But to make the most of these, retailers have to process the information and offerings that underlie successful management of campaigns and offerings. It is well worth taking this into consideration because the right personalization strategy transforms purchasers into a loyal customers. These customers are happy to be inspired and usually a lot less inclined to look elsewhere. Inspired customers of this kind usually win companies other customers through their recommendations.

Growing sales with the right tools

Targeted planning and automated management of offerings and campaigns help companies generate customer loyalty. In addition, retailers have to explicitly know the requirements and expectations of each and every customer. Suitable measures are required to predict and deal with these in a timely and targeted fashion. The following questions have to be answered:

  • How do we gain a 360° view of the customer?
  • How can we leverage the information required efficiently and in a targeted manner?
  • How can campaigns be managed consistently across all channels?
  • How can response times, engagement levels, productivity, and ROI be maximized on the basis of optimized campaigns?

The elements of successful marketing planning

There are various elements in successful marketing planning and management. These include the visual orchestration of campaigns on the basis of integrated customer profiles. This is complemented by targeted segmentation and cross-channel thinking and action. Real-time interaction is also crucial because decisions are made in fractions of a second. When applied carefully and in line with your goals, these measures help you increase your revenue – not only with satisfied existing customers but also with new customers, who you can inspire through targeted customer promotions.

More than 200 marketing and e-commerce experts at KPS tackle these questions each and every day. They support leading retail companies with the implementation of effective campaigns. The KPS specialists are at your side throughout your technical implementation, from planning to building and introducing new technologies.

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