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Targeted advertising for greater customer loyalty

Campaign management and promotion planning

Targeted advertising campaigns and marketing activities encourage long-term customer loyalty to a brand or retailer. Activities such as these require detailed planning and coordination across all channels, which would be unthinkable without the right technological support. Integrated Promotion and Campaign Management is the perfect solution for planning and delivering tailor-made campaigns. 

Modern customers are better informed and expect targeted information and personalized offerings that are tailored to their needs. With integrated campaign management, business partners can advertise together adopting a uniform approach.

Collaboration: Work together with your partners

Plan campaigns quickly and effectively and follow them through from start to finish. This collaborative approach has many advantages:

  • Simpler organization: Special offers are available at different sales locations and on multiple channels simultaneously, optimizing advertising space.
  • Reduced planning time: There’s no need for manual planning or lengthy discussions. Everyone involved can access all activities associated with the planned campaigns in real time.
  • Accelerated innovation: Demand-based forecasts and better deployment of available capacities support the development of new promotions. The financial situation of an enterprise is also taken into account.

Integrated mobile solutions

Integrated promotion and campaign management enable standard planning across all channels, including mobile solutions, which are currently experiencing dynamic growth.


In addition to being important factors in procurement, consumer purchase and demand behavior are also key when it comes to planning and realizing campaigns. Enterprises will often already have access to this data from customer loyalty cards or bonus programs. This information is also an important element in promotion planning.

Demand forecasts from Promotion Management for Retail can be transferred automatically to SAP ECC and SAP Forecasting and Replenishment over an interface, thereby accelerating the sourcing and retail space stocking. If campaigns and forecasts are changed, all downstream processes are updated with this information automatically.

Interface with existing customer programs

Integrated Promotion and Campaign Management support most retail sectors, including the grocery and fashion industry. It can interface with numerous loyalty and customer programs, including SAP marketing solutions such as SAP CRM, SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Audience Discovery and Targeting. Retailers can use SAP solutions to manage their existing customer programs and set up specific customer segments, if required. The solutions can also be used to manage and allocate available advertising budgets flexibly across all areas.

Get advice from the experts at KPS on using your SAP solutions to implement flexible and transparent campaign management. Find out how to plan your promotions quickly and effectively, network with business partners and manage your campaigns successfully from start to finish.

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