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Better terms and conditions with KPS myBusiness

Today’s purchasing departments require dynamic and global procurement processes, plus the establishment of a global supplier network. Heterogeneous international procurement processes have to be handled operationally with the best possible terms and conditions. Procurement portals provide rapid direct access to the global market.

When vendors procure goods and services that are not available in the standard portfolio, conventional supplier relationships and procurement channels are often pushed to their limits. Many times, it is impossible to source offerings with the optimal variety of quality and prices. Supplier portals that connect large numbers of suppliers are a proven solution in scenarios of this kind. These portals generally offer a diverse range of product and service groups, and give users rapid, direct access to the global market.

But often integrating the functionality supported by the portals with classic purchasing processes in ERP systems is a major challenge. Selecting a platform that is suitable for the different product and material groups lays the foundation for future purchasing success. This also holds true when companies consider the alternative of setting up their own procurement portal.

The optimum combination of procurement processes

Over the years, KPS specialists have built up comprehensive expertise in all forms of procurement processes. This is combined with detailed knowledge of all relevant SAP solutions and modules, giving the consultants a comprehensive knowledge pool from which their clients benefit.

KPS has executed many real-world projects to implement modern procurement processes by integrating leading procurement portals and marketplaces. Developed by KPS, the myBusiness platform enables large enterprises and major corporations to manage purchases of goods and services running into the billions. Various forms of auctions allow significant savings to be achieved compared to conventional procurement methods. Implementing new procurement processes takes the following aspects into account:

  • Selection of merchandise groups and services suitable for procurement via e-portals
  • End-to-end support for procurement processes based on tried-and-tested best practice process models
  • Selection and integration of suitable marketplace providers
  • Definition and implementation of suitable procurement procedures (RfI, RfP, auctions)
  • Integration of the portals into procurement processes supported by SAP software:
    • Creation of framework agreements and lists of bid items and quantities
    • Implementation of order and approval workflows
    • Automation of invoice verification and approval processes
    • Transfer interfaces for article master data and prices, delivery and invoicing data, as well as returns processing and credit memos creation
  • Support and ongoing optimization after go-live

KPS expert teams provide you with support for all questions relating to this topic. They help you plan and build cutting-edge procurement channels that enhance your market position. As a leading SAP partner, KPS helps you find a solution tailored to your specific requirements and build it using professional tools.

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